Bridging – Expanding – Leading

The three key words of our vision show that CMP welcomes new partnerships, that our focus is on growth and development, that we have a readiness to change, and are innovative and future-oriented.

Few regions have seen such a positive effect from the building of a bridge as Öresund. CMP has therefore made bridging a guiding principle in its vision. It signals that we are looking to establish new types of collaboration and partnerships with interesting customers and business partners.

CMP has made significant investments in new production facilities in Copenhagen and Malmö. This emphasises that the ambition to grow is one of our key goals for the future. Our aim is to grow organically and establish a presence in new markets but also to capture market share in those markets and segments where we already operate.

In order to grow and develop, we are innovative and open to new initiatives and solutions. We are a port operator at the forefront of developments, which continually develops its organisation, services and technical solutions while securing long-term sustainable enterprise.

Business concept:
We create port, terminal and transport solutions across northern Europe

Our business concept highlights the fact that we are good at creating and delivering – in our internal development activities as well as in our work with external parties. In this creative process we are responsive, innovative and resolute.

We stress that CMP offers solutions, rather than services. The solutions we offer are broad and comprehensive, creating added values for our customers and partners. Our solutions also include new forms of collaboration, ideally in the form of alliances and partnerships, where we challenge ingrained ways of doing things and existing industrial structures.

We also emphasise that CMP’s market comprises all of northern Europe. Countries and markets around the Baltic Sea are the focal point for our efforts to realise future growth and development goals.