Community benefits

CMP and Copenhagen continues to be a popular hub for cruises, evidence of which is the steadily increasing numbers of arrivals and income for Copenhagen. Cruise passengers and crew are a significant source of income for Copenhagen. When passengers and crew go ashore they generate business and work, both directly and indirectly, and the passengers’ and crews’ consumption in Copenhagen is generally above the European average.

CMP received 372 cruise ships in 2012, with a total of 840,000 passengers (turnaround and transit). Approximately 240,000 crew members arrived in Copenhagen during 2012.

Development 2005 – 2012

The growth in numbers of passengers between 2005 and 2012 has totalled 96%. Growth in the number of ships was 24% in 2012, compared with 2005. This growth is expected to rise further. The development confirms the trend that larger and larger ships are visiting Copenhagen. This also matches the general development, where the ships’ capacity internationally has almost doubled over the last ten years.

A continued annual growth in the cruise market of 5-10% is expected over the next three years.


The results are based on a survey conducted by the international consultancies G.P.Wild and BREA (Business, Research & Economic Advisors). They both have specific expertise within analyses and economic studies in the international cruise industry and base their analyses on OECD’s input/out calculation model.

According to the analysis, the total volume of business from tourists (directly and indirectly) as a result of cruise passengers’ and crews’ consumption in Copenhagen was over DKK 825 million in 2012, corresponding to an increase of 74.4% compared with 2010.

The reason for the marked growth in business is partly a large increase in passengers from 2010 to 2012, partly an increase in passengers’ average consumption in Copenhagen. However, the actual increase in consumption is less, as the calculation of consumption for 2010 was carried out on the basis of average European figure for turnaround passengers. In 2011 separate data was obtained for Copenhagen, and the results show that turnaround passengers on average spend more money in Copenhagen than in the average European city.

Satisfaction among cruise guests

The survey also included a measurement of the cruise passengers’ satisfaction. It revealed that 95% of all passengers were generally satisfied with their stay in Copenhagen. Moreover, the bulk of the passengers (91%) felt that their stay in Copenhagen had lived up to or exceeded their expectations of the visit.

In general, the cruise passengers’ satisfaction with their experience in Copenhagen (Mean Score) was well above the European average.