CMP – a full-service port

    CMP is a full-service port that offers effective transport and logistic services. The two harbours occupy a strategic position in the Öresund, functioning as a logistics hubs where client businesses collect, store and process their products before distributing them to end-users in the rest of Scandinavia as well as in the Baltic States and Russia. 

    CMP have a wide range of logistics services within cruise-, ferry-, RoRo and container traffic, car imports, combi-traffic and dry and liquid bulk. These services comprise unloading, storage, loading and onward distribution of consumer goods, transit oil, grain, scrap metal, building materials, industrial inputs and new cars etc. CMP is a front runner in intermodal logistics solutions, handling freight from ships, trains and lorries in a single location. This links goods handling operations together in a way that makes it fast, cost-effective and less environmentally damaging.

    Besides our own services, CMP work together with business partners and external specialists in relation to customs and piloting services, energy supply, security, waste management and recycling, as well as assistance with transport and distribution solutions and much more. The hub for this range of services is CMP’s facilities in Copenhagen and Malmö. In the majority of cases CMP supply the technical infrastructure for the services our collaborative partners offer.