Quality is a key concept that permeates all work at CMP. All business areas have their own, adapted quality targets that are regularly measured and followed-up. This applies to quality targets for both freight handling and passenger services, where the aim is to achieve continuous improvements and deliver an ever-increasing level of quality over time. CMP already has one of the lowest damage rates among European port and logistics companies. At the same time the standard of the cruise operation in Copenhagen is highly commended.

  • Within the car transport operation only 0.006% of cars were damaged in 2012. This is equivalent to 6 cars per 100,000 and is a very low and competitive figure.
  • In RoRo the target is a damage rate of less than 0.1%.
  • Within the cruise operation there is a high proportion of satisfied customers and CMP measures the level of quality every time a ship arrives. In customer surveys passengers have repeatedly voted Copenhagen best destination and Europe’s best port, most recently during the 2012 cruise season.

In recent years CMP has developed its quality assurance work through M/S Progress, the company’s strategic tool for management by objectives. This tool enables all departments to set measurable and time-limited targets for their quality assurance activities. M/S Progress has consequently emerged during the last two years as the most important overall platform for development activities within CMP.

CMP has previously adopted long-term quality targets in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of cruise ship arrivals – customer satisfaction
  • Increased unloading and loading capacity
  • Reduction of emergency maintenance work on cranes and workshops in Malmö

From the start of 2013 both the number of claims and the costs for damage to goods and machinery shall be reduced by 20% within all departments and business areas.

Focus areas

During the last two years, CMP has endeavoured to decentralise more of its quality assurance work, including via M/S Progress. Within the framework for decentralisation, each department conducts its own surveys and produces process descriptions which provide a better overview and facilitate quality assurance work. Robust job instructions are subsequently linked to the processes to provide a picture of what is required to meet the quality targets within a particular area.

CMP’s certification for the ISO 9001 quality management system was renewed during autumn 2012 after a formal renewal audit, which is conducted by an external auditing company once every three years through an extensive review of CMP’s management systems. The work was carried out by Det Norske Vertitas (DNV), which identified a number of discrepancies. In response, CMP was able to provide feedback on and link each discrepancy to concrete improvement measures. This resulted in the certificate for ISO 9001 being renewed until the end of 2015.

As an element in the quality assurance work a customer survey was also conducted in 2012. Eighty or so customers within different business areas took part in the survey and gave their views of the collaboration with CMP and the company’s operations and services. The results have been reported to the senior management and managers concerned, and also linked to improvement measures in the ongoing quality work that CMP conducts.