Nordhavnen – larger new cruise operation

A new cruise ship quay is being built in Copenhagen with three new terminal buildings, to be opened in time for the 2014 cruise season. Copenhagen is the largest and most popular cruise destination in Northern Europe. The new quay will be able to accommodate three large cruise ships simultaneously and will enable CMP to continue to develop its services for cruise traffic. The quay will be 1,100 metres long and 70 metres wide. Each of the three permanent cruise pavilions comprises 3,300 square metres. The new quay is located in Nordhavn and entails a substantial increase in the capacity for cruise traffic. From the start of 2014 CMP will thereby be able to accommodate 500 ships docking per year.

The new investment in flexible terminals and supply facilities will facilitate passenger services, with daily passenger numbers reaching as high as 18,000 during high season. The infrastructure for car, coach and taxi traffic to and from the port will also be improved. Permanent facilities for handling waste water from the cruise ships will also be established, contributing to a reduced environmental impact.