Malmö Northern Harbour Business Park

Three new terminals were opened in Northern Harbour during 2011, quintupling CMP’s freight capacity. The expansion is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever completed in the city, covering an area of some 250,000 square metres. The three new terminals for port services are the first stage in a long-term development plan for the Northern Harbour district.

In the next stage Malmö City Council and CMP will be establishing the Malmö Northern Harbour Business Park. The goal is to attract companies operating in areas including manufacturing, processing or logistics services. These companies are offered access to quayside land, ultramodern freight terminals and intermodal transport solutions. Malmö Northern Harbour Business Park is expected to be fully developed in the mid-2020s, at which time the area will encompass almost 900,000 square metres. In line with the establishment of new companies, the capacity in the port will be expanded with additional terminals, docks, quays and tracks for combi-traffic by rail.

The rest of the infrastructure will also be further developed to optimise the flow of goods and transports on land. This entails building new roads, bridges and through routes to streamline goods handling by sea, road and rail from CMP and from the companies in Malmö Northern Harbour Business Park.