Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety activities focus on employee’s health, safety and security. Legislation and regulatory requirements are minimum standards. Health and safety issues are to a large extent based on the risks that can arise at each workplace. Clear instructions are drawn up and communicated to the relevant employees at all workplaces. These instructions describe how risks can be avoided and how to perform tasks correctly and safely. It is particularly important to conduct thorough risk analyses and produce action plans when new working methods or operations are introduced in CMP’s activities.

In the company’s day-to-day operations health and safety issues are handled jointly by the relevant supervisors and union safety representatives. General issues are dealt with by the local health and safety committees that have been established in Copenhagen and Malmö, which hold four minuted meetings each year. Regular activities in this field comprise safety inspections, workplace meetings and reporting of any nonconformities. To support their work in this field, the managers and union safety representatives have access to a health and safety engineer, who acts as an advisor and coordinator.

An ergonomics course was held for crane operators in Malmö during 2012. Ten or so employees took part in this course, with the focus on preventive measures – including correct working posture – to reduce the risk of damage to neck and shoulders. During 2013 an equivalent course is planned for crane- and machine operators in Copenhagen.

Occupational injuries are rare at CMP, and the proportion of injuries and incidents continued to fall in 2012. Three occupational injuries were noted during the year. The company has a zero vision when it comes to occupational injuries. This will be achieved through a combination of preventive initiatives and corrective measures if and when an accident does nevertheless occur.