Human Resources

CMP must always have the skills to match the company’s needs and the changes the business undergoes. It is equally important to support employees in their development and to contribute to them having a broad understanding both of what CMP’s business comprises and how strategic decisions affect organisational and working methods.

The work within human resources supports the company in its development, for example, through initiatives which improve the skills base or which contribute to enabling change processes to be effected more simply. In addition, the initiatives support managers and staff in their personal development.

One endeavour within human resources is to contribute to a more holistic approach, where the staff have broad knowledge of how the company functions and how their own role and responsibilities fit into this overall picture. More employees thinking holistically increases the understanding between different departments and units, which facilitates inter-departmental cooperation. Another aim is to contribute to responsibility being established ever further out in the organisation. More decentralised responsibility enables the organisation to act more quickly and flexibly.

Adapt skills initiatives

One current skills initiative is the training course for port workers, which CMP has contributed to producing together with trade-union organisations and trade associations in Denmark. During its initial year (2011/2012) six employees completed the course. A further eight port workers will take the course in 2013, interspersing theory and practice. CMP’s goal is for all employees to feel that they have the right expertise at all times to optimally meet the requirements of customers and collaborative partners.

60 individuals completed first aid courses during 2012, which will enhance safety and security in the different workplaces. These courses are also linked to the fact that defibrillators were positioned out in CMP’s terminals in 2012.

Use of a common IT tool was previously introduced within human resources. Implementation of this tool has continued during 2012, with the focus on updating skills profiles for each employee and producing comprehensive statistics to facilitate internal planning.

More effective leadership development

Leadership Forum is a network for dialogue and leadership development consisting of 25 of the most senior executives in CMP. Leadership Forum meets four times per year to exchange experiences and identify current development issues. With Leadership Forum as an example, what are known as operational leadership groups have been set up in Denmark and Sweden, with terminal managers and others creating internal networks. The aim is to broaden knowledge of each other’s activities and to discuss leadership issues.

Improved internal dialogue

Since 2006 CMP has been arranging regular Dialogue Meetings with the aim of broadening employees’ knowledge of the operation. One such meeting has been held during 2012. In recent years the concept has changed in that the employees themselves have been involved in shaping more of the content. Experiences so far have been good. The new mode of working has involved more employees in the dialogue and helped to increase understanding and broaden knowledge about activities in CMP’s departments and facilities.

Common programme for change

CMP runs M/S Progress, a common change and development programme, focusing on three areas - Customers, Collaboration/Processes and Leadership/Employeeship - where CMP has formulated a number of overall goal. Based on these goals, each department defines its own improvement targets and action plans which are measured and followed up. Since its introduction in 2011, the M/S Progress programme has become a natural platform for change and new initiatives.

An employee survey was conducted at the end of 2012, focussing on six areas – Leadership, Employeeship, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Information and Targets & Action Plans. Results within five of these areas improved compared with the 2011 survey. The overall results also improved. These results – which are presented in the form of an overall index – improved from 61 to 64. Based on the results, CMP draws up improvement targets and action plans for all departments in the company, which are implemented in part in connection with the work on M/S Progress.

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