Environmental activities in practice

Activities aimed at realising CMP’s common environmental goals are implemented as follows:

Reduced emissions to air, land and water

  • installation of particle filters in CMP’s work machines, reducing emissions of particles, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide by about 90%
  • environmental classification of company vehicles
  • management of surface water, greywater and sewage in port areas
  • improved logistics in connection with loading and unloading leading to reduced emissions

Reduced diesel and energy consumption

  • new operational agreement with a partner to reduce gas consumption
  • lower diesel consumption in work machinery per tonne of handled goods, partly thanks to the company-wide Eco Drive initiative, which has led to a 25% reduction in diesel use over the last five years.
  • new technology and routines in relation to heating, ventilation and lighting to reduce power consumption
  • CMP is also aiming to cut the consumption of electricity and gas used for heating and lighting. Motion detectors have been installed in several buildings and warehouses, which automatically turn the lights on and off in order to optimise electricity consumption

Waste management in ports

  • there are now recycling points on the quays where ships can deposit sorted waste for recycling
  • technical solutions and procedures have been established for managing greywater from ships
  • chemical products and hazardous waste are sealed off and protected at CMP’s facilities