Environmental activities help to promote the long-term sustainability of CMP’s operations – for example, through reducing noise and emissions to water and air. Environmental effects are also being reduced in that port activities are gradually being moved further away from Copenhagen and Malmö’s central districts.

Environmental activities are partly focused on internal operations, partly on the international transport chain of which CMP is a part. Internally, the work is focused on reducing noise and emissions to water and air, but also on reducing energy consumption and using less environmentally damaging forms of energy. Today all electricity used by CMP is produced from renewable energy sources such as wind and hydroelectric power. CMP offers incentives and technical solutions to customers, suppliers and business partners for waste sorting in the ports and fixed systems for handling wastewater, so-called greywater and blackwater from the ships.

Besides the everyday environmental initiatives, development trends within city planning are also contributing to the port operation reducing its environmental impact. This is taking place at a time when cities are expanding and attractive land close to water is increasingly being made available for homes, offices, shops or restaurants. The establishment of Northern Harbour in Malmö in 2011 has enabled CMP’s RoRo and container handling operations to be moved further north towards the sea. This has cut the ships’ turn-around-times by 30 – 40 minutes, reducing both noise and emissions. As road transports have simultaneously gained a new route to Northern Harbour, the majority of road haulage has disappeared from Malmö’s inner city.

CMP has been certified under the ISO 14001 environmental management standard since 2004. The certification is a cornerstone of environmental measures, which are centrally coordinated around common guidelines and action plans. Based on the general goals adopted, each business area and department defines its own environmental objectives. They are also responsible for ensuring that improvements are implemented and reported back to CMP.

A renewal audit of the environmental management system was conducted in early autumn. This type of audit is carried out every three years and is based on an in-depth review of the different parts of the management systems. The work was carried out by Det Norske Vertitas (DNV). A number of discrepancies were identified in connection with the audit process, on which CMP was able to provide feedback and link to improvement measures later during the autumn. As a result the company’s certificate for ISO 14001 was renewed until the end of 2015.