The blue sea is the guiding principle for CMP’s activities in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Activities are focused on social and environmental initiatives, which are implemented both internally and in relation to external stakeholders.

CSR work comprises activities which go beyond the company’s legal and contractual obligations. In 2010, CMP drew up a specific CSR policy for this work, at which time an initial inventory was made of the individual activities. In line with the policy, these activities shall be focused on:

  • A cleaner marine environment and a cleaner environment in the ports
  • A safer life at sea, in the ports and by the shore
  • Education and training to assist those working on the sea or in shipping-related activities

Four focus areas

CMP’s CSR policy is aimed at employees, customers, shareholders and partners as well as society at large. It addresses four areas:

  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Training/Research/Skills
  • Corporate social responsibility.

The practical work is dealt with by a project group, which meets several times a year to coordinate the activities. In addition, CSR issues can be addressed at departmental meetings, the company’s dialogue meetings, as well as via the suggestion group in M/S Progress, where the focus is on evaluating, supporting and following up suggestions and ideas that can contribute to improvements in operations.

During 2012 the project group has been focused on drawing up action plans, which will make the CSR work more targeted. The action plans link the CSR activities more closely to the policy, which ensures that the objectives and ambitions in the policy have a tangible impact in the relevant initiatives and activities. The focus for this work includes activities that contribute to enabling CMP to develop and improve together with external collaborative partners. In the long-term, the endeavour to achieve more targeted work may well also entail reviewing the support for some of today’s activities.

The following CSR activities have been in focus during 2012:

External activities

  • World Maritime University (WMU), where CMP takes part in training programmes
  • CMP regularly participates – and also acts as co-arranger – in the courses that are arranged via the General Stevedoring Council (GSC), where the project work is also aimed at environmental improvements and corporate social responsibility.
  • Support for the Merchant Marine’s Welfare Board in Denmark as well as for the Merchant Marine Culture and Leisure Council in Sweden.
  • Support for the General Shipping Association in Malmö
  • The Swedish Seamen’s Church which receives support in the form of services to the Board of Directors and accounting services
  • Support for a 40,000 m2 bird habitat in Malmö’s North Harbour   
  • A study of emissions from port activities in Copenhagen in collaboration with Ekologiska Rådet, a trade association
  • Extensive outreach activities, where CMP presents its operations to organisations and associations and also promotes the importance of shipping and the ports in society and for the environment.
  • Access to free Wi-Fi for crews of ships that dock in CMP’s harbours.

Internal activities

  • Staff training during CMP’s Eco Drive initiative to reduce the company’s diesel emissions
  • Wider training in waste management for workshop staff
  • Change of technology in some machinery with diesel technology being replaced by diesel-electric technology
  • Continued installation of particle filters – this time in newly purchased machines to reduce emissions
  • Continuous focus on reducing noise at CMP’s terminals
  • Installation of ignition interlock devices on work machines
  • It is a requirement that all electricity used in the company must be produced from renewable energy sources
  • Increased installations of intelligent electricity management in properties and at terminals.
  • The ”Open Port” event, where the general public is invited in to CMP’s facilities in Copenhagen on a Sunday in May. The programme is based on guided tours and exhibitions and attracted a couple of thousand visitors. CMP’s employees acted voluntarily as guides and hosts.
  • Support for employees that take part in the DHL Stafetten relay race as well as in sport and recreational activities.