The railway segment comprises all goods handled on rail by CMP. This is a strategic and important segment of the operation and continues to grow on a yearly basis. Combi-traffic handles freight that is moved between road, rail and sea. These intermodal transport solutions are prioritised within the EU as they contribute to increasing goods transport by sea and rail, which produces less environmental impact. 

Combi-traffic is the single largest segment where CMP collaborates with a number of different train operators which have Malmö as their hub for goods handling between the Nordic region and the continent. Other goods handled by rail include new cars as well as freight that is transported on trains at CMP’s terminals.

Further investments have been made during 2012 to facilitate rail traffic to and from Northern Harbour, where a new combi-terminal was put into operation in 2011. Malmö City Municipality has rebuilt several level crossings in the immediate area around the port, increasing the speed of incoming and outgoing train services.