Liquid bulk

Volumes within liquid bulk increased to 5.2 million tonnes during 2012. It was primarily handling of transit oil in Malmö that grew in volume by about 1 million tonnes of oil compared with 2011. The reason for this positive development was that the price structure in the oil market changed during the year. These price fluctuations are beneficial for the transit oil operation.

Liquid bulk also comprises a number of other products, destined for the markets in and around Copenhagen and Malmö. Aviation fuel for Kastrup airport is handled at Prøvestenen in Copenhagen. Liquid bulk also includes petrol, diesel and oil as well as a number of chemicals. Volumes of all these product segments during 2012 were in line with the immediately preceding year.

During the year CMP initiated a study to clarify the possibilities of creating an infrastructure for storage and handling of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). In the long-term LNG might replace more environmentally detrimental fuels within shipping. It is a priority issue within shipping, as well as within the EU, where the aim is to develop a maritime fuel that is more sustainable in the long-term. CMP’s own LNG report is expected to be completed during 2013.