Dry bulk

Volumes in dry bulk decreased by about 20 per cent year-on-year. Handling of traditional dry bulk products such as stone, scrap, salt and gravel fell as a result of the generally weaker industrial conditions. The majority of the products that CMP handles are intended for the local markets in Copenhagen and Malmö. Demand within dry bulk can shift rapidly, and, depending on what is needed, products can be phased out and replaced with others at short notice.

In Copenhagen coal, wood pellets and stone are the major products within dry bulk. Volumes within wood pellets continued to increase during 2012, at the same time as coal handling operations decreased. The background is that to an increasing extent pellets are replacing coal as fuel in the production of local district heating in Copenhagen. Increasing volumes of combustible waste are being handled in Malmö. This waste is increasingly being used as fuel in combined power and heating plants.

A new dry bulk customer has moved into the UPS areas at Prøvestenen which CMP has been preparing for rental in recent years. The new operation encompasses 32,000 square metres and also includes an option to utilise a further 20,000 square metres in the future. CMP is expected to complete the final ground and lighting work during 2013 and lease the remaining area to new tenants. The company has already signed letters of intent with a number of prospective tenants at Prøvestenen.