Passenger volumes in the cruise operation increased by three per cent during 2012 to 840,000 persons. There were 372 arrivals, which was also a year-on-year increase as 370 ships called into Copenhagen in 2011. At the same time cruise ships are becoming ever larger, which means that the gross tonnage in CMP’s cruise operation has risen – from 22.2 million tonnes during 2011 to 23.6 million tonnes during 2012.

Growth in the global cruise sector remains high. During the last ten years the market has grown by about ten per cent per year. Together with Asia, Europe is the market that has increased most. Six new cruise ships were put into operation in the global market during 2012. At the same time, 25 ships are in the process of being built to be put into traffic during the next few years. Moreover, there is still great potential, particularly in view of the fact that cruises only account for around five per cent of global tourism. In order to continue to develop what we offer, new concepts are continually being developed, such as family, sport or culture cruises, attracting new categories of travellers.

In Copenhagen turnaround traffic amounted to 173 ships, which is equivalent to about half of all arrivals. In this traffic the passengers either start or end their cruise in Copenhagen. It is significant that the volume of turnaround traffic remains at such a high level. These passengers spend a comparatively large amount of money during their stay – an average of SEK 1,500 per person – and are consequently an interesting target group for the tourist industry. This should be compared with transit passengers who spend an average of SEK 500.

The 2012 cruise season started on 9 April and ended on 10 October. In addition, CMP received five Christmas cruises in December, which is more than last year. The most intensive day of the year was 28 June, when 25,000 passengers and 8,000 crew members were received at the cruise terminals in Copenhagen. This year’s cruise traffic included passengers from 157 countries. Most passengers came from Germany, followed by the USA and the UK, and then Spain and Italy. Denmark was the largest Scandinavian country this year too with 12,000 passengers – an increase of 40% on 2011.

Copenhagen was named ”Europe’s Leading Cruise Port” for the fifth time in 2012. The prize was presented at the World Travel Awards event in Portugal. CMP has previously received awards for its cruise ship services on several occasions. All these awards confirm what a competitive and highly-rated concept CMP and its collaborative partners within Cruise Copenhagen Network have developed for the Danish cruise market.

The new cruise ship quay in Copenhagen will be completed in mid-2013. The quay will be operational for the 2014 season, by which time the three new permanent cruise pavilions will be ready, each of which comprises 3,300 square metres. At 1,100 metres long and approximately 70 metres wide, the quay will enable three cruise ships to be accommodated simultaneously in Copenhagen. The expanded capacity will enable CMP to receive up to 500 arrivals per year. The new infrastructure will also improve access for passengers as well as for taxis, chartered coaches and other related services. It will furthermore bring environmental benefits by allowing blackwater and greywater from the ships to be handled at fixed sewage facilities on the quays.

During 2013 Malmö will also be advancing its position as a provider of cruise services as the Spanish company Pullmantur is moving its arrivals from Copenhagen to Malmö. CMP’s collaboration with Pullmantur will extend over three years. For 2013 it entails ten arrivals with roughly 40,000 affluent travellers and 7,000 crew. The first arrival will be in May and the last one for the season will be in mid-September. To accommodate this influx of new passengers, CMP is investing SEK four million in a cruise terminal in Malmö. The new terminal will be opened in May.

350 arrivals are currently planned for Copenhagen in advance of the 2013 season. Around 165 of these are turnarounds. As in previous years, the cruise ship season will be extended. It starts on 18 March with the arrival of the newly built cruise ship, ”Aidastella”, and ends on 22 October. In addition, CMP is planning for 4 -5 Christmas cruises in December.